e-cigarette scam

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e-cigarette scam

Postby obgorra » 15 May 2017, 15:07

In March this year, we completed a small survey for Tesco on-line. We were then asked which of 3 free gifts we'd like. My other half opted for the e-cigarette. It came, he didn't like it, and it's been in a drawer since. 2 months later, a rather cheap looking invoice with no phone number or e-mail address was delivered with 2 refills. In small print, without even a £ sign, we saw 49.99. Only then did the penny drop. When credit card bill was checked (which it hadn't been last month), we noticed that nearly £70 had come out first, then a second amount of £44.99 came out too. Of course we rang the bank to cancel this, and spent most of the day trying to ring the two numbers the bank gave, only to see on the web page that you can only ring between 2pm and 5pm. We subsequently got through and cancelled. There's no redress from the bank. After all we did get the goods, and although there was no mention of 'free trial', because we wouldn't have gone for that, and we don't remember small print when doing the so-called Tesco survey, we have to chalk it up to experience. As we now get 6-8 e-mails each day, pretending to be from bona fide companies giving free prizes, asking for surveys, telling us we've been selected for something, we are convinced they are all scams, they go into the spam folder and get deleted, and are probably the result of our name being sold on by the original fraudsters. Beware!! I also had one on my mobile, where again I thought it was a Morrison competition, only to discover another company called Whizzy were taking monthly payments from my old-fashioned, pay-as-you-go phone to enter competitions each month!
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