The New Tech

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The New Tech

Postby 8 boston square » 21 Sep 2013, 16:30

I think it was built in 1961, it cost £750,000 to build, I arrived there in 1962 and stayed for 3 years. 1ac3,2ac3 and 2ac3a I think it was a along time ago, many memories and I will share some with you shortly. Do you have any memories to share?
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Re: The New Tech

Postby 8 boston square » 22 Sep 2013, 07:59

Ok let me see if I can remember some names that you might as well. When I went there it was pretty new and the man running the place was a DR FOX, teachers, Frank Fendick, Miss Kettle, Charles O'Connor ( big Spurs fan ). Mr Collison did the P.E. and sports, he eventually went to Downham School always thought that was a strange career move but there you are. I do remember when we could not use the sports field we went on a cross country run, often round by North Wootton, a quick run to the turn off off the Castle Rising road then into the woods a fag, pick them up on the way back!
The canteen was rather poshly known as the Refectory, I remember once arriving just be closing time only to find almost nothing left apart from some greenish stew, my first and last run in with curry!
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Re: The New Tech

Postby 8 boston square » 22 Sep 2013, 16:40

Who remembers the shop across the road Hannam and Barnard? This was the place for a fag and bite, must have been a goldmine for them across the road and no competitors, happy days!
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Re: The New Tech

Postby 8 boston square » 07 Oct 2013, 07:55

I had to travel from Hunstanton to get to Tech. The 0755 was the returning newspaper train, the only train of the day which had an engine with coaches and compartments, what luxury for my season ticket, arrived in Lynn, platform 3 at 0825, monday morning check that ticket! Still we had more than 30 mins to stroll through the Walks, there was also the 0818 which got you in at 850, then a brisk walk through the Walks!
Coming home, out of class at 1555 and like the wind to get the 1609, non stop to Heacham or the 1625 all stops to Hunstanton.
End of term always had steamers out of the windows.
Lynn station was always a busy place with 5 working platforms although number 1 did not get too much use, today its justa shadow of its former self, although a good quick service to Cambridge and Kings Cross I have to admit.
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Re: The New Tech

Postby QuePee » 14 Mar 2015, 12:48

Hi all, I have just found this forum and registered.

I have been looking to track down Frank Fendick for a little while now and see that he has been mentioned in one of the posts above. Does anyone have any contact with him or know of his whereabouts.

I attended the Tech College from 1965 to 1969 and Frank joined as the physics teacher towards the end of that period. He and I always got on very well. I used to live in East Dereham at the time and initially travelled to Lynn on the train every day. Then of course they closed the line and I had to endure the same journey by bus. Mention of the Walks above also brings back some memories, I remember the long drag from the station to the main campus was pretty unpleasant in wintertime. For the first two years I attended the old part of the campus, cannot remember where it was exactly now.....time takes its toll, but I do remember some more names.

Jim Schorer
Bert Lynch
Mr Smalley the chemistry lecturer who burnt his hand badly by pouring burning phosphorus on it during class.
David Coatesworth was the principal.

Others in my group were
Geoff Billings
Mike Cove
Peter Calver
Mike Dodd
Steven Fryer
Charles Rumm
Richard Scott
Tony Smith
Bernie Tuttle
Ian Warner
John Welfare
Paul Wiley
Jean Rumsby
Sheila Lake
Mike Alflatt
John Setchell
Gillian Stanley
Ian Watling
John Shirley
Dick Owen
Bert Cox

Are any of the above on this forum, or does anyone have any info on any of them. I would love to catch up with any old colleagues that might be around.


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Re: The New Tech

Postby Boxman » 14 Mar 2015, 15:36

I went to the tech for 2years in 1960, the first year we tramped all over Lynn for different lessons at Hospital Walk,St james street, Gaywood Hall, London Road,i was at the opening ceremony of the New Tech by Lord Macintosh. I remember Mr Collison PE, hoping to play football then someone disrupts registration and he sends us on the cross country run down to wooton. I think eastern counties buses used to figure in it sometimes. Incidently "Boston Square", Mr Collison was teacher at St.Georges ,Dersingham when my daughter went there about 1980's.
Mr Simpson was English,Mr Lee Maths,MrBannister physics, Bert Yaxley woodwork. I played footy for the tech at the old tech with Ken Gadsby.
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Re: The New Tech

Postby Pete Thatcher » 07 Apr 2015, 22:53

I went to Lynn Tech from 63-7 in the academic group. Jim Sharpe was the senior tutor ( Much feared by everybody) I started off in 1 Ac GLA did " O " levels which I passed all ( Much to my surprise, then did " A "levels which I passed as well. Tutors I remember were geog, Mr Evans, hist Mr Pickersgill, English, Mr Sutton ( FAS) German Mr Lewis.
I had to walk all round Lynn in the first year, Buildings included, Old tech ( Hospital walk) YMCA ( nr St Margaret's church) New Conduct street ( sheds) prefab buildings opposite Police station. Then the hated PE lessons in the new tech buildings - Cross country runs, and games near Refley school.
I lodged in North Lynn during the week ( Seabank Way) and caught the Dereham train home at weekends ( until the line closed) suitcases of clothes/books/pe gear and chasing from New tech to catch train home on Friday.
Lovely cold milk machine outside shops near Hospital walk building, screwed up fag packet darts stuck to ceilings with chewing gum, in old buildings.

P Thatcher
Pete Thatcher
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Re: The New Tech

Postby 8 boston square » 13 Sep 2015, 05:18

I remember walking all round Lynn as well from New Conduit Street, usually Geography there with Mr Downton and then off to St James Club with Miss Kettle, had her for typewriting down the New Tech and I remember Collison and then runs round Wootton, he just did not get football did he? I thought he eventually left for Downham Market School. Also remember Noel Insley, wonderful chats on the train going home and he became the Chancellor there, good man.
Frank Fendick was my maths teacher, he was from somewhere to the south east of Lynn and his brother-in-law ran the dances at Lynford Hall. Mr Charles O'Connor for Accounts and Commerce, a Spurs supporter and great Irishman learnt a lot from him, there were other teachers whose face I can see but cannot put a name to, some taught us a lot about life as well as what was the timetable.
Great times but a long fast walk to the station!
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Re: The New Tech

Postby BassMikeC » 22 Jan 2016, 18:19

I also have often thought of Frank Fendick as he was an awesome physics teacher back in the late 60's. I still remember the Pi P a to the forth over eight eta L!
Also wondered if John? Newman the Chemistry lecturer is still around. He was not only a great teacher but helped me sort out some life problems.
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Re: The New Tech

Postby bill » 22 Jan 2016, 21:52

that was taylors orchard there when i was at school
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