Meeting place.

Postby Mike.H » 07 Sep 2006, 19:07

Thanks Teddy :D ,, :smt062 ,, edited :roll:
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Postby Cuteaccent » 07 Sep 2006, 19:49

choks wrote:Cuteaccent

There Needs to be a KICK up the bum

As far as 'GAY' Entertainment in LYNN.....Goes

Theres No Life or Sparkle...

Or Even GAY Culture....

The PINK Pound Has Deserted them....20 - 30 People a Night if they're Lucky.....

They Should Get A Younger Profesional Managment Team in ....

To Set Things on Fire :wink:

Like i said i feel very spoilt because the scene up here is kickin, it truely is, i have the time of my life when i go out & the whole culture is just amazing. It`s not just for Gay/Lesbians but for Hetro`s too everyone just goes out & has fun together which is the way it should be. I don`t believe in segregation people should be able to be who they are & not have to worry about anything & pretty much up here thats how it is, i NEVER have any problems maybe in Lynn it`s different... I dunno?

I come to Lynn an awful lot all of my family live there but i have never experienced any form of nightlife as Lynn just doesn`t have a nightlife not as i have experienced it (i have touched on this subject before in a previous post)
I know that there is Cambridge & Peterborough a short drive away but that really isn`t good enough. Lynn is a sizeable town & needs dragging into the 21st century in most entertainment areas ie: Multiplex Cinema, Ice Rink, Bowling Alley (do you have 1?), clubs, eateries etc etc...

I will have to try out the Hobb next time i`m in town & i`m looking forward to meeting some fine new people.
God i love going out & meeting people & shakin my cute lil ass.

I`m not mad, i just have a colourful perception of normality!
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Re: Anyone?

Postby UnboltedFred » 01 Oct 2014, 16:27

:smt006 Hi! Pleased to know there is a gay friendly pub in Lynn, as my partner and I, hope to move into the area in the next couple of months. Hope to get to know some of you! :smt006
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