Quality in the Public Service

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Quality in the Public Service

Postby radstockjeff » 28 Jan 2020, 23:36

I have taken this from a Seminar on Local Government and Quality 1995, when Quality in all its various guises was Flavour of the Month. Doug Henderson MP, was speaking on the question of establishing Quality Standards. Well we all know Quality when we see it, don't we?

He recalled:

I am reminded of the Policy Committee of a local council that made a recommendation that the Council purchase a chandelier and the Chairman ruled the motion out of order on the grounds that;

"Firstly he didn't think anyone in the council would be able to spell the word "chandelier".

"Secondly he didn't think that anyone in the Council would be able to play it!"


"Thirdly he couldn't understand why there was a proposition to buy a chandelier, when everyone knew that what was wrong with the place was that the lighting was totally inadequate"

and sadly there are still some around today in the same mould in all walks of life and organisations.
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Re: Quality in the Public Service

Postby Nuggets » 29 Jan 2020, 13:01

Many thanks Radstockjeff.
I am still laughing at this observation of yours. Funniest thing that I have read for sometime.
But your finishing remark also ranks true!
Thanks, Nuggets
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