Famous People

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Famous People

Postby Jester » 15 Nov 2021, 00:37

Have you ever met any famous people in King's Lynn or across Norfolk?
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Re: Famous People

Postby Jester » 15 Nov 2021, 00:43

Myself I met two Actors in Norfolk "Roger Lloyd-Pack" and "Roy Marsden" and I walked past "Enoch Powell" when he was visiting a previous employer of mine.
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Re: Famous People

Postby EWW » 15 Nov 2021, 09:56

Roy Marsden took on the fishing boat "Rob Pete" many moons ago and spent a fortune on it.

Myself I have met John Mills, Pete Postlethwaite, Al Pacino, Prince Charles, Liza Goddard (gorgeous) and a few more. Nearly forgot HRH The Queen and the Duke (pictures on here) :)
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Re: Famous People

Postby Jester » 15 Nov 2021, 12:33

I've never met any royals, I did take a brace of pheasants to Sandringham from a former employer. Left them at the gate with the officer in his cape/cloak. And I did see Diana in a limo passing through Lynn many moons ago.
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Re: Famous People

Postby 8 boston square » 24 Nov 2021, 10:23

I met Shane Fenton and the Fentones at the Corn Exchange in 1962 and later that year met Joe Brown at the Sandringham Hotel in Hunstanton.
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Re: Famous People

Postby incony » 24 Nov 2021, 20:09

i passed the royal family, including the duke and the queen, at Holkham, before the summerhouse burned down, they were walking toward
it, and i was walking my dear jack Russel. in the opposite direction purely by accident.. i had no knowledge they would be there - i picked up " patch" and held him close to me as we passed, it was before the time of threat.. maybe they thought i should be there, as some sort of ground protection, it was the right kind of dog for ground search.. i will always remember it.. not often one comes that close to them on their days off duty.. in effect we became ordinary folks passing on the path... just an everyday thing.. neither they nor me, acknowledged each others presence.. but memory of the passing, holds strong for me...
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