looking for Sheringham connection

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looking for Sheringham connection

Postby Merle » 02 Nov 2010, 14:54

Hello, Have just found this site, so please bear with me if I'm in the wrong place, etc.I wonder if anyone can help me with information re a lady and house in Sheringham please.
My brother recently visited Cremers Drift, Sheringham, hoping to locate 'Headon House' This was once the home of Mrs. E. M. Bridges. Unfortunately, it no longer seems to exist, and neighbours have no knowledge of it. I have positive information in that she, and it, are listed in the telephone directory of 1925, (Sheringham 143). Any help or further advice will be much appreciated.
Also, I believe a 'mother and baby' home was located in the area, if not in the same road, and any information on that too, would be very welcome.
Thank you,
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Re: looking for Sheringham connection

Postby teddybear1959 » 03 Nov 2010, 11:36


You could try;


Sandy may be able to help.

I am very interested in local history of mid-Norfolk and I have lots of connections to families in the Lynn area. http://www.norfolk-tours.co.uk/
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Re: looking for Sheringham connection

Postby Merle » 03 Nov 2010, 12:47

Hello Teddy, thanks so much for the link - I will try Sandy immediately.
Regards, Merle.
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