Hunstanton Young Conservatives

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Hunstanton Young Conservatives

Postby 8 boston square » 27 Oct 2011, 13:52

I used to go to the Hunstanton Young Conservatives on friday nights in the 1960's I think from about 1960 to 1967, did you go there? Upstairs above the bar. If there was nothing happening on a saturday night we were allowed the room for a record dance. A portable Dansette on the piano, complete with all the 45's we could borrow for the night. I still have a Lynn Tec' book with the running order of the records. Great times and politics? Well the MP Denys Bullard and the agent told us to enjoy ourselves first, politics is second! We sure did, I remember those nights with great affection.
8 boston square
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Re: Hunstanton Young Conservatives

Postby 8 boston square » 18 Mar 2012, 14:36

Amazing that no one else remembers those times, no one else I knew then on the forum? Very disappointing, well perhaps I will have to just leave it there then.
8 boston square
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Re: Hunstanton Young Conservatives

Postby barrynorton » 24 Nov 2012, 20:20

Hello 8 Boston Square. Who are you? I have been reading your comments, especially on the King's Lynn High School site, and feel that your involvement with Sandra Cracknell, and the Young Conservatives at Hunstanton, means that more than likely our paths have crossed. Sandra was never my girlfriend but I knew her very well, as she always travelled with us to school on the train. With reference to the the Tory Tavern, we were always up there enjoying our teenage years to the maximum, so we must know each other. My Grammar school group comprised of Alex Scorgie, Ivan Jordan, Derek Hill, Reggie Ransome and David Rimmer.I lived in Hunst'on until 1969 then joined the army. I'm now retired and living near Wisbech, but still visit Hunst'on o a regular basis, you can't shake off your roots that easy, 'though it looks like you have tried! :D
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Re: Hunstanton Young Conservatives

Postby georgegloomy57 » 12 Sep 2016, 20:14

I was in the young conservatives but I know we did not know each other.Do you remember the man who worked behind the bar a really nice bloke called Nelson.I left Hunston 40 years ago and still keep in touch .I have lived abroad for the last 15 years but check all sites to see what is going on.It's in the blood!!!
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