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Postby john k church » 22 Mar 2015, 18:16

hi dave good to hear from you
i have been on the net a lot in the last few months , im going to lynn in May and i needed to find my way around again after so many years away.
i was a member of the youth center on tower street , i was in the band that playe there as well as practice, thats . i was going out with a girl name Veronica Boyle , they moved to the army place across from st james school from what i remember .
i have been finding many of my long lost relatives in the last year , i was kinda surprised how many there are, after mom, dad and my sister died i didnt bother much with family but they have all started to come out of the wood work lol
ahhhh yes the frothy coffee at the whisky go go that was also a place i would hang out .
i retire in april , were indeed has the time gone ,
stay well keep safe. john
john k church
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Postby Lincslad » 24 Mar 2015, 22:27

Hi John
I don't know you,so I am sure you don't know me,but I see from the picture and your comments earlier you knew Ken Burgess and Lynne,well they live just round the corner from us,so I can tell them about you if you like,I know Ken doesn't touch technical things like computers(and Cookers!!) but Lynne does but I don't think she goes on the forum,She has been ill in hospital recently,but I will give her a ring in the morning.if you want that is
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Postby EWW » 15 Aug 2015, 10:45

Stan Church of the Hob in the Well on his return from a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

I knew Stan as a postman. I used to talk to him quite a lot when I was barman in the
club on the Millfleet. He used to tell me some horrific stories of his time in captivity.

Good looking bloke in his time. Do not know if picture was taken before or after captivity.

I do not want thanks for any research I am able to help out with. I just love doing it.
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Postby Nuggets » 12 Nov 2019, 13:37

Hi John,
I see that these mails go back some years now but I could not resist responding.
The black and white photo of the coach prior to going to Loret is priceless.
I am familiar with nearly all of those there. One in particular Chris Owen who was a close friend for many years. Myself Chris and our wives spent many happy hours together both locally and also away on holiday. We had such plans for future times together. Unfortunately these plans were taken from us when Chris lost a brave battle with Cancer. This was in December 2016. He is sadly missed.
Kindest regards
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Postby EWW » 25 Nov 2019, 20:45

While doing some searching at the library today I came across this picture of Stan taken on release from a
Japanese prison camp. I knew him and liked him. He suffered greatly in the camps.

I do not want thanks for any research I am able to help out with. I just love doing it.
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