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Harding's Way Bus Lane

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2015, 00:47
by Username
Should buses be allowed to speed up near Whitefriars School?


Norfolk County Council sought to limit exhaust emissions down London Rd by diverting buses from Wisbech Rd to Millfleet by upgrading the old track to take buses both ways but at the sluice the route was narrowed to one bus only. The reason for this is because the owner of the land upon which the warehouses stood down what is now known as Friars' Walk was granted planning permission against the wishes of the council. The council took revenge by denying access across their verge for building to commence. Being out of pocket in straightened financial times, the owner sold off plots of land to confound compulsory purchase. The Borough Council has now negotiated a deal and intend to widen the sluice pinch point so traffic can travel both ways.

Current practice

Children and adults walk across Harding's Pits en route to school and town. There is no designated crossing for children and at the moment bus traffic isn't so heavy that this is a problem. Because of the pinch point buses naturally have to slow down keeping the speed of traffic manageable.

New plans

The council intend to widen the pinch point to take buses both ways which will mean buses need not slow down. The Borough Council want to build housing around the Nar Loop and along Friars' Walk. The construction and residential traffic needs will be too much under the existing roads and the fear among residents of the Friars', South Lynn and parents and staff at the school is that Harding's Way will be opened up to all vehicles.

The options

The council will A) Do nothing more about the roads and leave them as they are (unlikely).
B) Erect a proper crossing to promote safe crossing for parents and children near the school (also unlikely).
C) Open up Harding's Way to all vehicles (quite likely)
D) Establish a 20mph limit for all vehicles along Harding's Way (highly unlikely)

The Question

Should the council leave Harding's Way as it is?
Should a pedestrian crossing be established near the school?
Should Harding's Way remain limited to buses only?
Should the speed limit of Harding's Way be cut to 20mph?

Re: Harding's Way Bus Lane

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2015, 13:47
by MJR
Are these options in any official paperwork on

Personally, I think they should put it back to a walking-and-cycling only route, like it used to be, to encourage more people to get some exercise without buses whooshing past their noses. As long as there is a roadway there, some of our car-crazy councillors will see it as an opportunity to extend the town centre loop traffic jam all the way out of the Southgates on the cheap.