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PostPosted: 23 Dec 2020, 09:13
by EWW
Last week the heater relay went on my car. I have purchased several new cars from Duff Morgan and its previous owner Flemmings over the years.
I need the car even more at this time so had to try and get it fixed straight away. I took it in to DM to have it checked out and repaired. I was told
by the sales person that it could not even be looked at for three days. That was fair enough knowing that I would not get it fixed immediately. The
young lady informed that it would be £95 to plug the diagnostic device into the car which is just a plug that my 3 years old grandaughter could do.
The device tells you exactly what is wrong with the car. Now here is the nub of my Rant. The lady then informed me that there would be an extra
charge of £5 for the mechanic to put on PPE. Now that is taking a liberty. Needless to say I said no thank you I will go elsewhere. If I had had it
repaired there it would have cost me a hell of a lot more. Diagnostics, PPE, Parts, Labour. Having had work done there before I know it would
have been £250 plus on my estimation. I ended up taking it to LANES on the North Lynn industrial estate. He knew exactly what was wrong with
it (the Relay) ordered it and fitted it the next day. The bill came to just over the price that DM wanted to charge me for plugging in the diagnostic
device and PPE. The whole job took less than 20 minutes. If you have a Citreon take heed of this story and stay clear of DMs. End of rant. :?