Castle Rising Road Traffic Lights

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Castle Rising Road Traffic Lights

Postby Jools » 07 Feb 2014, 09:53

Well just played Russian Roulette for the second day at these traffic lights which have been out of use since yesterday morning and I came in at 7.45. God knows what it will be like later during the school run. Last night was bad enough.

No police, no traffic wardens no temporary lights just a sign saying the lights are out of order.

What the hell is wrong with this town are they waiting for someone to get killed? These lights are not that safe when working and could do with a filter arrow.

Rant over.
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Re: Castle Rising Road Traffic Lights

Postby Alastair » 07 Feb 2014, 14:33

Approaching traffic lights whether they're working or not you should be driving at a speed suitable for the conditions and prepared to stop. If anyone is driving at speeds that could result in someone's death as a result of going across traffic lights that are clearly out of service, then they're driving recklessly.

I'm always pleasantly surprised how (in general, for most drivers) a degree of courtesy not normally seen in modern driving emerges when they're forced to fall back on driving skills and situational awareness once modern aids are taken away. I went across those lights last night just before 7pm (coming from Gaywood and turning right towards Knight's Hill - possibly the worst turn to have to make) in very busy traffic. Less than a minute after I pulled up to the junction I was waved over the junction by traffic from all three other routes who stopped to let me out. That's quicker than it normally takes the lights to change,and everyone was driving very cautiously and courteously.

There have been a few studies (in the UK and the continent) where for trial periods road markings, signs and traffic lights have been removed from urban/village areas. In almost every trial road safety improved and average speeds reduced because drivers were forced to pay attention to their surroundings. Unfortunately these trials fall foul of the highways laws in the UK and can't be extended for long periods of time. But when I'm driving in the Netherlands or Germany it's very common for residential streets to have almost no road markings and no pavement - because it's generally accepted that the pedestrian has right of way and drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and are capable of following basic behavioural rules (give way to the right unless instructed otherwise by a sign or road marking).

Incidentally, they were still working at lunchtime yesterday - so they went off somewhere between 1pm and 7pm on Thursday.
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Re: Castle Rising Road Traffic Lights

Postby Jools » 07 Feb 2014, 15:28

Just got home from work and they are working now.

They were not working yesterday morning at 7.50am when I went in so they must have fixed them after that for them to go off again.

Drivers this morning were being very careful and edging (with the exception of some lorries coming from the docks which just steamed through regardless) but it still ended up with a bit of a jam in the middle of the lights and there wasn't much traffic about at that time.

Years ago there would have been a traffic warden or policeman standing there directing the traffic. Prob not allowed now because of H and S!!!

I know what you mean about courtesy when I visited Guernsey last year they take it in turns at junctions, all very civilised.
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