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Postby MJR » 27 Jan 2014, 17:09

This probably is not about what you think it'll be about.

On my way home, I was delayed by a few minutes because a delivery van had blocked a lane on an A road - I know that lane, I know parking in it isn't permitted and the lane even has a clearway stripe up its edge.

After passing, I stopped, waited for the driver to return to his van and asked him to move over, so he wouldn't hold other people up. Even if he'd put two wheels on the verge, it would have left enough space for most things to pass. He refused, saying the police had told him to stop blocking the lane rather than use the verge. (I doubt this and I'm not sure whether he meant this time in particular or some other place.)

Then a householder came out, expressed displeasure that I was the second person delaying the delivery and said that it didn't matter what anyone thought because they owned the verge and the nearside lane along with their house. And what's more they said, if they want, they can park their cars blocking the lane and they blooming well will park there if people keep complaining... which would just be spiteful because they have a driveway - and pretty stupid because I bet it would get damaged as people tried to squeeze past, even if no-one fancies issuing fines for blocking the lane.

In a word: no, no, no, no, no! I'm 99% sure that householders don't own the road (unless it's an unadopted or private road). If it's an A road, you probably don't own the verge either and you probably can't lawfully park on either of them. Where do people get these ideas from? Owning the public road outside their house? I bet if we required them to pay for the maintenance of the A road outside their house, it would be a different story!
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Postby EWW » 27 Jan 2014, 20:50

After working for the Electricity Board for 35 years and erected many 100s of electricity
poles in verges, I think I can safely say that verges are owned by the councils. Where
there is no verge but a pavement the same apply. All utilities go in the verge or pavement
to stop anyone trying to stop such activities taking place in front of their property.

House plots have a boundary line, and this is not the road line. I do not think
a property owner would build a wall, or plant a hedge, or erect a fence several
feet back from the road thereby losing valuable land if they could claim it.
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Postby dr strangelove » 28 Jan 2014, 18:26

When people know they are in the wrong, as is the case with the road/verge scenario, they just (pardon my french) bovine dung their way out of it because they cannot come up with a plausible argument. This is quite common when people park in disabled or mother and child bays when their cars quite clearly don't belong there. The most common "argument" you will hear from these morons is "I can park where I bloody well want!". This sort of behaviour is rife unfortunatley. You can't reason with these people.
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