Hardwick Road roadworks

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Hardwick Road roadworks

Postby PER » 13 May 2013, 09:35

Normally avoid this like the plague but stupidly went to Mothercare on Saturday afternoon and it took 1 hour 10 minutes :roll: to get out of the car park and across to Sainsburys. (Thank goodness their new bit of road is there).

Does anyone know what the current situation is? I know Tesco were supposed to be paying to widen the road but thought that was just down the Campbells end. Any idea what they're doing and when it's supposed to finish?

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Re: Hardwick Road roadworks

Postby supergt1971 » 14 May 2013, 09:15

It has been a total mess for months and i'm like you and only venture that side of town as a last resort.They should of put conditions on opening the supermarkets there that the roads should of been completed before sainsburys was allowed to open and work was allowed to start on the new tesco site.What is the point of shoving more people down that end to do shopping into less lanes and having to mix with construction traffic and steering/second guessing the lanes and cones.AVOID DURING THE SUMMER!
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Re: Hardwick Road roadworks

Postby PER » 14 May 2013, 10:49

Glad I'm not the only one then! I should think those businesses around Tesco must have seen their takings go down. :(
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Re: Hardwick Road roadworks

Postby delbert » 17 May 2013, 12:27

hardwick ...in my opinion they now have too many reasons for people to go there , only two ways in ,so obviously asking for traffic chaos ..
wait untill summer traffic closes off one route .

needless to say we regularly shop online now :lol:
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Re: Hardwick Road roadworks

Postby thaberland » 17 May 2013, 16:10

:D Seem to me its still much better to get the bus and go up town, or is it much cheaper there I know it is at our Walmart so it killed all the shops down town SO SAD. :(
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Re: Hardwick Road roadworks

Postby trevanne » 18 May 2013, 22:22

Our town is slowly dying,the market on tuesday is on the verge and as we all know the saturday market is dead.Yes Hardwick is to blame to a certain degree but car park charges and these marauding traffic warden's must take some of the blame.Can anyone tell me why one cannot stop in St James st for a short time to use any of the shop's,it's one way so there would be no obstruction as with Norfolk st.I stopped outside the RSPCA shop to take some donation's and a warden appeared as if by magic.He had an intimidating look on his face,then they wonder why they get abuse from the already ripped off motorst.I once stopped at the side of Boot's optician's take my late mother in law for an appointment,She had suffered 2 stroke's and was partially blind,but within second's i was pounced upon and when i tried to explain it fell on deaf ear's.And now we have the new ticket machine's where we have to enter our reg number to stop anyone passing on there ticket.Noting i like better when i have to pop in the bank for a couple of min's someone give's me a ticket with a bit of time left on it,make's me sick having to pay the full amount for a couple of min's parking. :smt013 :smt013 :smt013
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Re: Hardwick Road roadworks

Postby chihuahua606 » 02 Jun 2013, 16:33

Not just Lynn I'm afraid. A lot of town centres are dying because the stores and supermarkets are being pushed to estates outside of the town.
Where I live, people seldom bother to go into the town, it's just shops selling cheap quality products, and loads of empty premises because rents and rates are at premium prices.
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