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Mart reform row goes on...

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2013, 09:33
by Stifler's Uncle Bob
The Showman’s Guild of Great Britain, which represents the people who run rides at The King's Lynn's Mart, and West Norfolk Council are embroiled in a row over plans to cut the length of the fair from the traditional two weeks to 8 or 9 days and end the customary Valentine’s Day opening, both in breach of the fair's historic charter

What is the matter with those idiots at the Borough Council? They just don't know when to stop interferring. Why can't they listen to the people? Why can't they take better advice?

Are they trying to destroy everything that remains of our heritage? Soon there will be nothing left. This has to be an ego thing.

I seriously hope that the people of this Borough remember their lack of representation at the next ballot box. We need a Council that will fight for our heritage and not destroy it...

Re: Mart reform row goes on...

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2013, 12:59
by juneann
Easter , Mothers Day, Fathers Day.School Half Terms/Holidays, ect, change every year.The Mart has always been the same two weeks, always snows, leave the dam dates alone. Waiting for tha day when some bright spark changes Christmas Day, mark my words it will come. Always believed Margerate Thatcher would have taxed breathing air, and still do believe some one will. :lol: :smt006

Re: Mart reform row goes on...

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2013, 00:38
by MJR
Well there was a letter in the Lynn News ... -1-4539738 which says the Showmen are overselling the charters which say nothing about them, two weeks and Valentine's Day - but I think if the Showman’s Guild wants two weeks, why not let them have it? It's not like February is peak tourist season when we need all the car parks (even with the Mart attracting some extra visitors) and the traffic disruption wouldn't be too bad even if they closed the road. I lived on King Street last year and the police closed the marketplace a few times, including once just because some caravans had set up on it.

Next borough election is 2015. Will this really keep rumbling until then?

Next county election is May 2013 and - at least in West Norfolk - that's likely to be dominated by the ill-considered incinerator, whose public enquiry will have not long finished.

Re: Mart reform row goes on...

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2013, 00:46
by MJR
And then I saw ... -1-4287600 which says "The group is recommending extra barriers be placed between the Tuesday Market Place and Ferry Street, [...] Pedestrians would cross at the top of King Street, south of the mini-roundabout, with three stewards supervising the crossing point and directing traffic throughout Mart hours." so here's my Rant!

Now excuse me if I'm wrong, but didn't last year's Mart end up with one child and no drivers dead? So the borough's decision is to punish all children and their parents by fencing them in, making them walk up to a designated crossing point- rather than doing anything about the car drivers? Typical council - let's protect King Car from the nasty people.

There's only one extra safety measure they should take: enforce the 20mph speed limit and if that doesn't work for some reason (police unwilling, for example): CLOSE THE ROAD during Mart opening hours except for deliveries.