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Lynn News 3-10-12: KING’S LYNN: Store closures put the boot

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2012, 14:46
by Stifler's Uncle Bob ... 1-4323173#

As far as a shopping centre goes, King's Lynn is dying on its feet. Furthermore, once the decline gets a foothold, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more stores that close will inexorably lead to even more closures. The inital closures lead to a drop in foot-fall on the streets. Revenue goes down, the costs begin to bite harder, business performance continues to fall, leading to more and more boarded-up shop fronts - and lo and behold, you have the inevitable downward spiral.

Just look at the market and see what's happened there. The Tuesday Market Place is one of, if not the largest open squares for a town of this size, anywhere in the country. It should be a jewel in the town's crown, but it's not. It's been allowed to fail by neglect, ineptitude and a greed for car parking income, which, let's face it, is a lot less hassle.

King's Lynn's town centre, for shopping in any case, is a cold, bleak and soulless place. Those in charge, the town centre's managers (and you simply have to challenge the calibre of one or two of them) had a golden opportunity to do something real special during the town centre's redevelopment. However, they missed their chance. A lack of imagination, foresight, creativity and an inability to see beyond the end of their noses means the town will have another equally dismal, drab, weathered, colourless, out-dated architectural heap on its hands in another 25 years, if not sooner.

If you want to go to a real town centre for shopping, filled with life and vibrancy, choice and variety, go to Bury St Edmunds. That's what KL should be like. Sadly, it's not.

Re: Lynn News 3-10-12: KING’S LYNN: Store closures put the b

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2012, 22:41
by Norfolkborn
Uncle Bob, with a heavy heart I write this, but Lynn is fast becoming a ghost town.

Although not born in Lynn, I've visited so many times over the last fifty odd years.

Fifty years ago it was a good place to be, lively, bustling, get anything sort of place. Eagles coaches in Castle Acre used to run there twice a week, and I well remember the life in Lynn.

But recently, the towns managers are presiding over a town closure. They're not managers, they undertakers.

Like I said, with a heavy heart ...