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Can't book Festival tickets

PostPosted: 15 Jun 2012, 19:02
by PER
I booked several Festival concerts online, no problem. Then I wanted to book 2 seats for a concert at the Guildhall, there were 3 seats at the end of the front row. As we're a bit hard of hearing, I thought that's just the job, clicked to choose 2 seats, message came up ordering me to make a different choice as this would leave one seat which would be difficult to sell! I seem to think there were 2 or 3 rows like this. The alternative seats are all right up at the back and we don't want to sit there, so I haven't booked anything.

I'm going into town tomorrow so will go into the Corn Exchange as I can't believe this can be right! Hopefully they will sort it out for me - but I'm not holding my breath.

Ridiculous! Or is it just me?

Re: Can't book Festival tickets

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2012, 18:20
by PER
Sorted by nice lady at the booking office :D !

Re: Can't book Festival tickets

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2012, 09:21
by delbert
great cant beat the personal touch ,too much machinery/technology involved today :D

Re: Can't book Festival tickets

PostPosted: 13 Jul 2012, 09:31
by Lynnboy
I had the same experience when trying to book a pair of tickets at the Corn Exchange "on-line", for a nealry full Jimmy Carr show. I just picked up the phone and got it sorted in minutes. I think the booking software defaults to reject pairs leaving one empty seat, but at the eleventh hour, they will manually sell anything that's empty.