Rude Plumber

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Rude Plumber

Postby Carrie » 02 Jun 2012, 20:20

We had a new kitchen fitted in March by JS Interiors of Downham, enter Jason the kitchen fitter, very nice man, got on with the work, enter the plumber Peter Pipe/Pope (or something similar)bought in by JS Interiors and I quote from JS Website

'Offering complete job management of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom design and installation of all the necessary electrics, carpentry, plumbing & tiling'

He made a bodge job of moving the kitchen radiator a couple of cms, leaving us with a leak, perhaps it will settle he said!!! It did not, numerous phone calls to Jason, Peter Pipe/Pope would ring or come round, numerous more calls, no reply. Grudgingly he eventually returned and changed the pipes. Away he went, we had low water pressure so no hot water or heating, Yes you have guessed it, more phone calls, he suggested a couple of DIY things my Husband could try!! and also suggested we could have a leak under the floor!! Guess what more phone calls and then approx 12 weeks after the said radiator has been moved he spoke to my Husband, rather verbally abused him on the phone. Swearing, f*****g and ranting that we wanted something for free!! He said both himself and Jason thought my husband was an ignorant little man!! ........Unbelievable. That's what they call complete job management is it? And as far as being ignorant, yes I think we are for being decent, honest people and paying the full ammount for the job before it was even finished ! :(
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Re: Rude Plumber

Postby EWW » 02 Jun 2012, 20:25

Sorry to read of your woes Carrie, sounds a complete disaster. If you ever
need a plumber again there are non better and fairer IMHO than Robert Laws.
I do not want thanks for any research I am able to help out with. I just love doing it.
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Re: Rude Plumber

Postby Carrie » 02 Jun 2012, 20:34

Thanx for the recomendation, EWW we prob will still need plumber at some stage, at the moment my husband is still trying to sort it out so would be grateful if u could PM me the phone number.
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Re: Rude Plumber

Postby chopps1 » 03 Jun 2012, 09:33

Sounds Like one of these guys from Rogue Traders or that
programme with Dom Littlewood and Melinda messabger.

Hope you mange to get it sorted out.

Regards chopps1.
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