Gentlemen's club

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Re: Gentlemen's club

Postby bobbiecool » 08 Jun 2012, 09:11

I would have thought they were smiling with a glint in their eye because they want the customers money more than anything. That is why they are there afterall. No other reason than that I wouldn't have thought.

Re: Gentlemen's club

Postby Lynnboy » 12 Jul 2012, 14:47


Anymore thoughts Alistair?

Has 7th made Norfolk Street any worse? No

Has it's presence impacted on you?

Are the girls Eastern European? NO (and would it matter if they were, as long as they speak English)?

Are they on minimum wage? Certainly Not.

Has there been any trouble relating to the venue? Absolutely not

I am releived, as I was so convinced, that I spoke out regarding this application, and it has turned out well. I have worked there myself once, and it was a very pleasent evenings work, I've cisited four or five times, once for a party, once as I was out with my brother and it was the easiest bar to have a conversation in, and two other times because there was "trouble", in other venues in town and I now know this to be a relaxing trouble free environment.

I hope that you too are releived Alistair?
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Re: Gentlemen's club

Postby Lynnboy » 12 Jul 2012, 15:03


Bravo b1az3r and MaggieW, both great speaches ;-)
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Re: Gentlemen's club

Postby RMP » 14 Jul 2012, 20:50

Lynnboy. You have my vote. Much ado about nothing, but debating is good. :smt006

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