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Carter, Anderson and Huddle photo query

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2021, 15:22
by Katie H
I have a question about a well known photo of Joe Anderson, James "Duggie" Carter and the Rev. Alfred Huddle of St Nicholas (photo attached to this message).

I am trying to find out where the photo originated and maybe even who took it, or on what occasion.

It must have been taken between April 1901 (Rev. Huddle became curate of St Nicholas and April 1906 (Joe Anderson was buried on 3rd May).

It is well known to folk song enthusiasts too, as the Rev. Huddle introduced these two men to the composer and folk song collector Ralph Vaughan Williams in January 1905, and Vaughan Williams noted down a number of folk songs from them. A copy of the photo is held in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, which is part of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, and it is generally believed to have been connected with, or even supplied by, Vaughan Williams. However, this is far from proven, and would be the only case of him having a photo of the many singers he met. So far it seems that it might even have been donated to the library as late as the 1960s. The VWM library is closed at the moment, so the actual artefact can't be inspected for any further clues.

So it may have been taken by a local photographer, and possibly for some other occasion. I know there are copies held in Lynn, but which is the original??

So my questions are - does anyone here know any more about the origin of the photo? Does anyone recognise that distinctive bit of decorated woodwork back left in the photo? Does the photographic style look similar to any other known photographers working in the town 1901-1906? (I could only spot Walter Boughton & Sons in the 1904 Kelly's Directory.)

Hoping someone here may be able to shed some light!

Many thanks.