Swiss Cottages 1890's

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Re: Swiss Cottages 1890's

Postby Nuggets » 07 Apr 2021, 17:46

Hi Ms Green,
I guess that my thoughts were a long shot but worth a try. Took me back over 50 years seeing that house from earlier today.
Kindest Regards.
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Re: Swiss Cottages 1890's

Postby Tresagreen » 07 Apr 2021, 17:53

Hi nuggets, on here anything is worth a try. Sometimes we get it right. :lol: Nice to know you remember the house fondly. Regards to you too. Teri
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Re: Swiss Cottages 1890's

Postby Leigh » 07 Apr 2021, 22:14

Tresagreen wrote:Going back to the Tennyson Avenue one, this could be what you are looking for. Another member Leigh wrote, " when I was at tech in 1990, I lived down the road ( mount st) off Tennyson Avenue and a friend of ours lived at No 1 Swiss Terrace. The houses were absolutely tiny, but really cosy. You had to walk through other family members bedrooms to get to our friends room, which always felt a bit awkward, especially late at night"........... They could have been the cottages that were there in 1891. It has been known for houses to be more than 100 years old :roll:

Another thing I remembered about Swiss Terrace was that the houses were orientated the wrong way around with the road leading to and giving access to the backyards of the houses rather than to the front. Perhaps the current road isn't the original one and an older road or lane was at the front of the houses?
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Re: Swiss Cottages 1890's

Postby mydogsandme » 08 Apr 2021, 17:12

Thanks for all your replies, now I feel more certain of the area. I know it was only small as the census says a dwelling of less than 5 rooms. My great great grandfather sold all the household belongings, farm equipment and animals at auction. Quite a lot of Swiss Cottages about then! Eww my great aunt lived in Burkitt St until the 80's. The name was Not and my great uncles lived there in the 40s and 50s..Thompson. Thanks for your help everyone.
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Re: Swiss Cottages 1890's

Postby desira37 » 09 Apr 2021, 10:00

Hi mydogandme
Was he Frederick Thompson married to Alice May Pickett?
If so her brother Harry Eli Pickett married my father in laws sister.
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Re: Swiss Cottages 1890's

Postby mydogsandme » 10 Apr 2021, 12:07

Yes indeed☺
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Re: Swiss Cottages 1890's

Postby desira37 » 10 Apr 2021, 14:09

Thank you for confirming
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