Norfolk County Council Emap and Flash

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Norfolk County Council Emap and Flash

Postby incony » 11 Sep 2019, 12:20

Google and Adobe will no longer support Flash after Dec 2020.

Of consequence is the Norfolk Emap which i , and many folks use to look at Norfolk from above on its 1946 and 1988 and other maps that cover the whole
of Norfolk

To use the Emap requires me to use Flash, and so now ( Sept 2019 ) Google asks me to allow it, and warns me of its forthcoming closure.

So i sent a message to the NCC, asking them what was going to happen, and they have replied ( within a day ) saying that the matter is in ongoing redesign, and should be up and online early next year ( 2020 ) i thanked them for the speedy reply, and so share that info here for others who also have to use Flash to see the Maps on NCC, Emap site.
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Re: Norfolk County Council Emap and Flash

Postby EWW » 11 Sep 2019, 14:41

Thanks for the info incony. Its a good system.
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Re: Norfolk County Council Emap and Flash

Postby incony » 11 Sep 2019, 20:38

EWW wrote:Thanks for the info incony. Its a good system.

i was concerned that with spending cuts out of the councils control, we might loose the Map explorer, and so why i wanted to know what might happen
before the Flash time is up so i could at least store some parts of the maps. I respect the NCC reply, but i felt it an important enough unknown at this moment, to let folks know in good time, not least because some of my posts use the Map explorer link, and would become nonsense without it, just like some folks images they shared cant be seen anymore because of the way the providers are influenced and change.. Since i knew Kings Lynn Forums has a Flash link in its code entry bar ... i thought it a good reason to post. ie, i can still click on the Flash link here, and it should work for at least another year.. but the countdown is ticking.. " [flash=][/flash] " It also might mean that when Flash stops one will have to edit posts one has made with a new link, if the NCC start with a clean slate and different method.. ie the old link one posted may no longer work... that would have a very wide consequence for me, ive made a lot of posts across the web since 2010 when i joined here. :)
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