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BBC project - The People's History of Pop

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2016, 13:01
by Paul Hayes
Hello all,

My name's Paul Hayes, and I'm a producer at BBC Radio Norfolk.

Some of you may have heard a of a big new BBC project called the People's History of Pop. It's designed to try and capture and preserve people's memories of favourite gigs, bands, venues, etc, and perhaps tell the stories of their photos and memorabilia from such.

There'll be TV documentaries on BBC Four across the year, and there's also a tie-in website for people to share their memories -

In addition, every BBC Local Radio station is making a tie-in programme with stories from their areas, and I am producing the BBC Radio Norfolk programme, which is due to go out on Sunday the 7th of February.

I'd love to be able to get some of your memories of favourite venues and particularly memorable gigs in West Norfolk. If anyone would like to take part in the documentary and would be prepared to record an interview, you can either upload your memories to the website ( or contact me directly via

I hope to hear from some of you, as I know there have been some great stories and memories shared here on this board... Many thanks in advance for your help!


Re: BBC project - The People's History of Pop

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2016, 08:31
by Ted
There are lot's of band details from the sixties on a site called 'musicfromtheeastzone' as well as on here .

Re: BBC project - The People's History of Pop

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2016, 10:54
by Paul Hayes
Thanks for all the help everyone gave with this - there's a good little section on the Kitkat in the programme, which I hope you enjoy.

The programme is on BBC Radio Norfolk at 12 midday tomorrow, and you can also listen online anywhere in the world, and on-demand for 30 days afterwards, here: