Danny Ford and the Offbeats

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Danny Ford and the Offbeats

Postby RobertP » 24 Nov 2011, 11:44

Speaking of Danny Ford and the Offbeats, some of you may remember Mick Large who spent some time with the band as a guitarist along with Roger.
it was reported in a Magazine recently that Mick had passed away. Last time I saw Mick was a year or three back when we were both at a multi group gig in London, a quck chat ensued. Amongst other groups appearing was a special guest spot, name not given in advance in case they did not show-lineup and order was a bit fluid, anyway gear was being moved around, curtains pulled and there were Nero and The Gladiators with some original members, we both had a granstand view.
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Re: Danny Ford and the Offbeats

Postby 60s Ted » 01 Dec 2011, 10:40

Sad news . Mick Large was an outstanding guitarist .
60s Ted
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Re: Danny Ford and the Offbeats

Postby 60s Ted » 01 Dec 2011, 11:01

I saw Danny Ford and the Offbeats at Downham town hall in the early 60s . They were my first local live rock band and from that evening I was well and truly hooked . I got to know Danny,Nick and Nigel quite well and Nick who played bass gave me bass lessons . My first bass was a hidious thing called(I think) a 'Lucky Seven' . I then bought a nice Hofner semi accoustic base from Clarkes in Wisbech . I think it cost me about £37 . Then just after joining Pagens ll I bought a second hand red Fender precision for £90 . The cost of that today in proportion to wages would be about £1200 ! . As most people know, the Offbeats came from the Sutton Bridge area . Danny Ford (Les Garner),Nigel Portass,Nick Carter,Roger ?????,Les Judd. Were the original members . Roger died in the sixties being replaced in the band by Mick Large .(If I have any of this wrong please correct me) Less Judd left quite early. Nigel and Nick are very good musicians and the band was really head and shoulders above other local bands until the Tea Time Four arrived . The only other band I remember as standing out at the Sunday Kit Kat were 'The Gentry' who I think came from Peterborough . PS. Had trouble logging in for some time so I'm now '60s Ted' (previously 'Ted')
60s Ted
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Re: Danny Ford and the Offbeats

Postby apollonine » 01 Dec 2011, 12:27

Ted.. I think Rogers surname was Wagg..
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Re: Danny Ford and the Offbeats

Postby 60s Ted » 01 Dec 2011, 12:45

Thanks,yes you've jogged my aging memory .
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Re: Danny Ford and the Offbeats

Postby 8 boston square » 01 Dec 2011, 14:45

Yes indeed Roger Wagg, a lovelly fella who passed away very young 21 I think, Mick came from Norwich ( looked like Brian Wilson) played a white semi acoustic ( Gibson?) Both Mick and Roger were excellent. Personally I thought that Danny Ford and the Offbeats were not just head and shoulders above the other locals bands, including the Tea Time Four, they were just different class. Not only that they always had time for a chat, no egos here. They looked and sounded the part and all gentlemen., not mention that Nick and Nigel were top class musicians as well, Danny, would not have been the same with Danny would it, it just all clicked together. Thanks so much guys.
The Gentry were from Peterborough.
Sad to say those days are gone and never to return, our memories though they will always be there, happy happy days.
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