Sunday night in Hunstantons KIT KAT

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Re: Sunday night in Hunstantons KIT KAT

Postby 8 boston square » 27 Aug 2021, 04:41

My plans from March 2020 was that maybe May 22 I could return and then bring the wife back in the autumn but things change quickly dont they so we wait and see. Here in June the PM said that the country would re-open in 120 days, now he says by the end of the year. They make statements that are quickly forgotten and no one picks them up on it. it might be bad for your career!
The problem here has always been that with a population of 70m it was clear they were just not ordering enough vaccines, when you are looking at 100-140 million required and you are ordering 5 million at a time if you are lucky is was always going to take time and the GVT took a long time to twig that unless they got the jabs rolled out no one was coming here, things have improved I got my 2nd last Wednesday but it takes time to get up to where you want to be and then there is the vaccine you get. I was told when I registered it would be AstraZeneca when I turned up it was Sinovac ( Chinese ) and the 2nd was AZ, the GVT say mixing gives better protection which is not the medics say so probably down to cost and availability. They think that once the airport opens the world will rush here, that's their thinking, we know differently and if you think the UK has been badly hit business wise its much worse here, if anyone were to come most of what they would expect would be closed. When they do open the airport all they will get will be Chinese who come on "cheap Charlie package tours" which do little for the locals as its all pre booked and leaves little spare time on the itinerary. One thing had to laugh about, the UK gave Thailand 415,000 AZ shots and one GVT Minister declared he was personally giving to the City where I am! Cheeky sod.
As for my return I will just have to wait and see how things are in the spring, its not just a case of getting into the UK its also about requirements to get back in here.
Next week we are expecting to go on tour and see how things are around our favourite haunts, I doubt if things will have changed much since last time.

Sad to see Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones left us last week, the only tracks from them we got at the Kit Kat that I remember were "Walking the Dog." and "Little Red Rooster." Which were album covers and did not get played for long by the Offbeats. Also Don Everly passed on, the Offbeats never played us any of the Everly Brothers tracks, maybe they just could make the harmonies sound right so I will just have to remember walking round the Mart and hearing them. It does show us all that time waits for no one, make the most of what you have left.
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Re: Sunday night in Hunstantons KIT KAT

Postby 8 boston square » 01 Sep 2021, 03:27

Today the Thai GVT has announced further relaxing of restrictions and it looks like they have now decided to live with the virus with another announcement that there is no going back, whatever that will end up meaning ( no more lockdowns perhaps )! Another 9.9 million Pfizer jabs ordered, could not make the 10m. They are desperate to get the tourists in but I dont know where they are going to come from as Europe has the country on the red list and China has banned its people from leaving and we still wait to go travelling and hotels to re open, its a sorry state of affairs indeed.
Going to the back musical scene but a while after the Kit Kat you may recall that in 1979 Elvis passed away and a new phenomenon was about to appear which I think produced a very different affect than was experienced by our local bands prior to this, the impersonator, if we could not have the "King" perhaps this will do? I saw one at Potters Bar and it was ok but there do not seem to be many around now of the "King". We do have a few Beatles, Stones, Queen and most of all ABBA. ABBA stopped recording in 1982 but with a couple of Australian films ( Muriel's Wedding and Pricilla Queen of the Desert ) an Australian formed a group called "Björn Again" its still going to day but with a younger personnel. Famously Björn said that this is as near to ABBA as you going to get as they would never perform again. I wondered if they had to get a licence to borrow the stage show, songs costumes and act? Pretty sure that some fee was involved for the endorsement but you can never know for sure. ABBA the Show are a Swedish group who wrote to Benny and Bjion for permission to use the format and recently another Aussie outfit BABBA were recently pictured with Benny so I am sure that they would not let their creation go free and who would blame them, ABBA have continued to pay the bills for them all for almost 30 years since it all ended and they never thought that the cheques would still keep coming. The UK has produced a plethora of ABBA tribute bands and everyone that I saw was an excellent night out.
A little bit of ABBA trivia to end up with then. When the Stage Show "MAMA MIA" was being readied for the West End there was a special show for invited guests as a precursor to the real show to iron out any errors and to see what worked and what did not. I am sure most of you will be familiar with the song "Knowing me know you" {A HA !) On the first run through the "AHA" was left out of the script but the audience put it in for the cast so it had to written back into the score which shows that you should not mess about with great songs.
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Re: Sunday night in Hunstantons KIT KAT

Postby 8 boston square » 18 Sep 2021, 03:53

I managed to find on youtube this week last weekend's "Last night of the Proms" something I always to watch when I lived in the UK, a great patriotic singalong and was pleased that there were so many young people there as well. The conductor was also happy to have live music back, there is something about live music I think, seeing things and listening on the computer are very good but you miss the 3rd dimension and of course the atmosphere and it all started for me, the live music scene, way back in June 1962 with Danny Ford and the Offbeats and something I have loved ever since.
Whilst I lived in Hunstanton , apart from Danny Ford and the Offbeats I remember seeing Denny Raven and the Sabres, Mike Prior and the Escorts, Lestor Roberts and The Emperors, The Intruders, Rikki Wilson and the Young Ones, Danny Eves and the Strollers, Lombard and the Tea Time Four, The Planets, Rod Kingston and the Premiers, The Gentry, The Paul Chris Showband, The Vampires, Johhnie Vickers and the Valiants and Larry Bond and the Trojans. Some Saturday nights I would go to the Hunstanton Country Club they had a live band on there, not my kind of music but good musicians non the less. my kind of music would come on the next evening down the Kit Kat! Not forgetting the not so local musicians that I saw including Shane Fenton and the Fentones at the Corn Exchange, Joe Brown and the Bruvvers and the Vernons Girls at the Sunset Rooms.
When I left Norfolk I went to Bedfordshire and found no live music so a change of lifestyle but a promotion with John Colliers found me in Hertfordshire where I stayed until I moved here but with a young family, a house to acquire money was in short supply and music was from the hi fi, radio or tv until whilst at Waitrose and the annual party night when I was talked into going to a place called Paradise Lost in Watford to see Showaddywaddy, what a great night out, shortly after I took my daughter to see them again at The Dominion in Tottenham Court Road.
My brother lived in Weymouth and did the entertainment for the RAOB club so there was a bit of live music there to enjoy? Well it was mainly singing to backing tapes.
In 1990 I was at John Lewis and had a day owing me and managed to wangle a Saturday off, so down to Weymouth with a ticket for a ABBA concert at the Weymouth Pavilion with Voulez Vous, what a great night out and I had been missing this for too long.
Back in Barnet I found that musical events were being put on at the Wylotts in Potters Bar ( 5 miles ), The Radlett Centre ( 10 miles ), The Millfield theatre (10 miles ) and on the odd occasion The Hoddesdon Civic Centre ( 20 miles ). So I had now a new opportunity to enjoy live music again and it was at these venues that I saw Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, The Zombies, Jet Harris, Billie Davis, The Rapiers The Merseybeat's, Mart Wilde, The Breakaways, a Queen tribute band ( the name escapes me!) ABBA Magic and many times Voulez Vous, every night a great night out, Voulez Vous produced a great atmosphere every time I went to see them.
Down at Weymouth I also saw Showaddywaddy again, the Hollies at the Pavilion and at the Centenary Club the Sultans of Swing.
A few years ago my daughter took me to the Royal Albert Hall to see ABC plus the BBC Symphony Orchestra, another unforgettable night.
Whilst my daughter was at University in Yorkshire on my visits we would end up on Saturday night at the Brookhouse Working Men's Club where we would be entertained by "An exciting boy girl duo with light show" singing the hits of the mid 90's to people with an average age of well over 50 a right rum mixture but with John Smith's real ale at a pound a pint what the heck!
Since moving out here there were lots of bars in Pattaya that had their own bands, they expected a tip of 50p to play requests but it was always a nice evening out, that of course has all gone out of the window over the last 18 months so live music for me is back in the doldrums, perhaps in a years time thing will start to return to normal only time will tell in the meantime we are off to Pattaya for 4 nights from the 30th maybe we will get some music in Witherspoons before moving along the coast to the east for a couple of nights at a very quiet coastal spot where the Langoustines are BBQ'd on the beach and we can realax under the palms and sea oaks, alas with no music but you cannot have everything!
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