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WW1 - Tilney All Saints Remembers

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2018, 20:14
by tilneyjune
The School and the History Group in Tilney All Saints have been researching the soldiers on the War Memorial, and the soldiers who returned, and what the village was like during the War Years 100 years ago. The results of all their work will be on display at a special TILNEY ALL SAINTS REMEMBERS EXHIBITION on 23 & 24 March. The time open is 10am - 4pm, and the venue is Tilney All Saints Church, Church Road, PE344SJ. Entry is FREE.

The aims of the project are:
1. to bring to life the names on the War Memorial so that they may be always remembered as young people with families and not just as names on the Memorial, and to recognise the contribution also of those who returned and their families.
2. to raise awareness of today's military and the needs of those who return and their families.

An interesting day is planned with displays and memorabilia and audio visual presentations. Refreshments will be available at 11am - 12 and 2pm - 3pm on both days at a small cost. (Squash and biscuits free for children).

A BOOK LAUNCH will take place at 10.45 am on Friday 23 March, and our new book available to purchase. The title is ''Tilney All Saints REMEMBERS' and gives a brief account of the soldiers & their stories. Price is £5.00 and may be ordered from the History Group.

On April 19th there will be a Memorial Service in the Church at 10am and this will be led by the children.

Visitors are very welcome.
For more information please contact: June Mitchell, secretary. or web: