Snettisham Lawn Bowls ; New Members Req'd

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Snettisham Lawn Bowls ; New Members Req'd

Postby Hornchurch » 23 Apr 2017, 21:03


~ Snettisham Excelsior Lawn Bowls Club - Seeking New Members ~

For the last 10-years I've played for "Snettisham Excelsior" Lawn Bowls Club.

We are an informal group of folks who play & participate in the local league(s).

Sadly, due to 'old-age' & health-issues, FOUR of our members have dropped-out**
( ** For the forthcoming 2017 season )

This has created a void that needs to be filled, ideally with enthusiasm & new members.

Those of you who MAY be interested, might have the following questions...
(so I'll attempt a few Q & A's, below..)

1,) = Do I need to be experienced at Lawn-Bowls ? ~ No, you don't !

2,) = Do I need to own a set of woods (bowls) ? ~ No, you don't** !
(we can supply the bowls needed to start you off)

3,) = Do I need to wear the regulation white-clothing ? ~ No, you don't !

4,) = So, can I turn up in just ordinary everyday clothing ? ~ Yes, you can !!!!

5,) = When do you guys play these games ? ~ Variable, Weekday-Evenings, circa

6,) = Where on earth do you meet ? ~ Snettisham Excelsior's own Victorian 'home ground'

Off the grass-Alleyway by the Snettisham Council Offices**, on the B.1440 - (old A.149)
( about a one minute walk from 'Strickland Avenue' in Snettisham, near the new Co-Op )

7,) = How much does it cost me ? ~ Only £1.00 coin, per-match (evening)

Should you enjoy it & decide to become a member, it's an annual-fee of just £15.00, but that's only "if" you decide to play for the year & decide to become a regular-member ~ Fees keep us going !
(it pays towards upkeep & maintainance of the ground, lawn, plus minor ancillieries)

8,) = How long does the season last for ? ~ It runs from 4th May to Early/Mid-August

9,) = What local leagues do you participate in ? ~ Two ; Countryside & North West Norfolk
(In the 2015 season, we won the Countryside league & got promotion in the N.W, finishing 2nd)

10,) = But I'm a little nervous & don't know anyone ? ~ It'll be fine, we're a friendly-bunch.

11,) = Is there any Age restriction ? ~ No, not at all, so it's open to all ages & types.

All we ask is that you be respectful, sensible & well behaved, as there ARE 24-players on field !

Like I say, "if" you fancy giving it a go, don't feel obliged, there's no pressure.
Of course it would be nice to get experienced bowlers, but it's not a neccessity.

Anyone interested can contact me here, either on this thread...
(no details on the board tho' :wink: = You CAN send them to me here, via P.M.)

I'll then put you in touch with our club Captains... (who've authorised this ~ My suggestion !)

Would be nice to recieve a boost of keen new membership, as the venue is 100 years old !!!!!!

The name of the club is "Snettisham Excelsior" ~ Look forward to hearing from you.
~ P.S ~
This Sunday 30th April, there is a 'free' open gathering at, if you'd like to try it out ?

Beyond that, we'll be meeting in the evening-times, around 6.30 to 7.00pm, when games commence.

BTW ; = Yes, you CAN join us or start beyond that date (May/June/July), if you wish ???

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