Wellesly/Wellesley Street

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Wellesly/Wellesley Street

Postby Diddly Dom » 29 Mar 2015, 23:09

Being a Postman for 27 years I tend to notice trivial things,the other day whilst on delivery I noticed on the side of the old 'Mama Afrika' hairdressers shop,there are 2 signs for said street,the old black sign high up on the wall says 'Wellesly Street' but the new white sign directly below says 'Wellesley Street' I'm wondering which is the correct spelling and why,if its not a mistake has it been changed??!! :?
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Diddly Dom
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Re: Wellesly/Wellesley Street

Postby EWW » 29 Mar 2015, 23:29

My book printed 1949 has it as WELLESLEY ST named in honour of Richard Colley
the Marquis of Wellesley.
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