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Corn Exchange

Postby Star Lady » 21 Mar 2012, 14:16

I've always found the staff friendly and helpful but today they really saved my bacon.

Last Autumn I booked 2 tickets for Blood Brothers as a treat for daughters birthday this week. I, and she, was convinced I'd booked them for Thursday. Got them out today and checked the date......DISASTER they are for Tuesday 20th :shock: In desperation I rang the booking office and explained and pleaded "have you got any seats left for any night" Result they still have tickets for tomorrow and what's more they say I won't have to pay again they will transfer them.

I really can't thank them enough as daughter has been looking forward to it for months now, having seen the West End production years ago and she's been teasing me about the shock at the end.

So thank you again booking office staff, you are simply the best.
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