Fly tipping/Rubbish

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Re: Fly tipping/Rubbish

Postby Mouse » 18 Apr 2012, 19:42

There is a very kind gentleman that voluntarily cleans out the dyke near the bridge from Sir Lewis Street to St Nicholas Retail Park on a regular basis. I always tell any workmen working on St Nicholas to make sure they lock everything away at night or it will end up in the dyke. I've noticed the water in there has been quite dirty looking just lately.
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Re: Fly tipping/Rubbish

Postby trevanne » 18 Apr 2012, 21:44

I actually witnessed a car stopping on the bridge over Clark's dyke on Columbia way a couple of yr's ago.The driver got out went to his boot took out 2 black bag's of rubbish and threw them over the side in broad daylight,I contacted the council and gave his reg number but nothing was done about it as far as i know.Perhap's a few hefty fine's might help.
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Re: Fly tipping/Rubbish

Postby MaggieW » 31 May 2012, 21:30

Now if the people who want to get rid of wood could get in touch with woodburner owners....
Doesn't this site do a wanted and for giveaway?
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Re: Fly tipping/Rubbish

Postby EWW » 24 Mar 2014, 15:15

At least we are not the only ones that have to put up with fly tippers. Liz has the
same problem. In the middle of Sandringham woods today. I wonder if it will be
there as long as some of the other stuff dumped about the town!

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