Lack of gritting!

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Lack of gritting!

Postby MJR » 19 Dec 2013, 10:21

Why oh why doesn't Norfolk grit or sweep footpaths and cycleways?

Not gritting or sweeping is a false economy because:
  • ice destroys the path surface faster, so it needs resurfacing sooner, which costs money
  • rubbish scattered off the road by passing vehicles also gets ground into the path surface, helping the ice into cracks, leading to resurfacing sooner
  • whatever they're using to grit the roads this year seems to be a nasty mix of sticky and slippy once it's resprayed onto the path by passing vehicles, causing people to fall over, possibly into the road, costing the NHS tons every year
  • people who choose to ride their bike on the road instead (as Norfolk county council says they should in icy conditions) get "get on the path" abuse and dangerous overtaking from the 2% of bad drivers, possibly costing the Police and NHS money

The "Norfolk Traffic Asset Management Plan" was already a disgrace, saying that paths only get gritted "when resources permit". They've cut that back even further now, with their "Gritting FAQ" ... 6#P43_4689 saying that only "some paths" in the pedestrian zones of major towns will be cleared even from heavy snow.

The local councils say they want people to walk and cycle, but then they only clear streets for cars! Left hand, do you know what right hand is doing??? :mad: :evil:
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