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Postby MJR » 19 Dec 2013, 10:11

furby - not sure what town you're visiting, but in King's Lynn there's unrestricted parking on South Quay and off Guannock Terrace, 2 hours free on Stonegate Street, County Court Road, 90 minutes free on King Staithe Square, 30 minutes free on King Street and Surry Street, 20 minutes free (I think) on Tuesday Market Place red zone... and probably more that I've forgotten. You'll struggle to park a free near Christmas and especially when South Quay and/or Boal Quay are out of use because of the storm surge, but most places struggle at Christmas... much of the bike parking gets pretty full too and there's a lot less of that.

banjo - yes, you can use the supermarkets if you want large items, although at least one of them sells made-down-to-a-price special models, but if you want (for example) a set of decent rechargeable batteries that can cope with the Norfolk winter and not die after a few recharges, your choices in Lynn are Maplin or Cooper+Elms and Cooper+Elms often have better products at similar prices. Running 3 cars? That must cost a lot and it's hardly necessary if you live near town.
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