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Rant and Recommendations

Postby Bracken » 20 Jun 2013, 13:54

We needed a new section of door with a cat-flap size hole put in. We went to Colin Dawson's last week and were told someone would call us back with a quote. No-one called us back. We phoned J & K at Terrington St. Clements this morning and within a couple of hours the job was done!
The way I see it is if a small job can't be done well then I wouldn't trust someone with a large and expensive order.

Next rant.... We love the British Heart Foundation. They're courteous, helpful and deliver when they say they will. Unfortunately our experience with Sue Ryder is that they don't deliver on time and beds can't be taken upstairs because of health and safety issues. This isn't the fault of the people who give up their time to work there but I know where I'll go next time I want to order a bed from a charity shop.
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